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Jack Mac has been playing music professionally for over a decade now, and has collaborated with some of the UK's and US's finest up and coming musicians. Heavily influenced by the styles of New Orleans jazz and funk groups such as Dr John, Jon Cleary and Galactic, Jack Mac is also an admirer of the sounds of saxophonists Coleman Hawkins and Sonny Rollins, and jazz fusion groups The Headhunters and the Brecker Brothers. The end result is a melting pot of musical genres that keeps every gig fresh and alive so no two performances are ever the same.


Jack Mac's Funk Pack

The powerhouse brought by Jack Mac to the gig. The Funk Pack is a collective of some of the strongest up and coming talented musicians on offer. From soulful melodies to grooving rhythms, the Funk Pack has it all and is guaranteed to provide a good time to any occasion.

Jack Mac Jazz Combo

From hard bop to blues and everything in between, if you fancy a night of high quality live jazz music, be sure not to miss out on a Jack Mac Jazz Combo gig. Nothing quite beats a performance from a group of talented musicians communicating and playing off each other, creating an electrifying and memorable experience.


Jack Mac Presents

A series of musical projects, each one of these hidden gems has something new and exciting in store. Fancy a night of hip-hop infused funk, then why not check out 'Jump Sturdy'? Some organ fueled jazz up your street, try a bit of 'Organism'! Fancy a night of dixie magic in your life, the 'NOLA Review' is your answer! These and many more are in store for you when Jack Mac is running the night.

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